The World is Your Oyster... Parenting Tips

FREE Three Part Mini Series - March 2021  

  • Sunday 21st 8:00pm GMT 
  • Monday 22nd 8:00pm GMT 
  • Tuesday 23rd 1pm GMT
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The World is Your Oyster... Parenting Tips with Sylvia Denham  

FREE Three Part Mini Series - March 2021 

  • * Holistic parenting tips for the working mother - You can apply today
  • * The perfect way to get you started with children helping to cook for the whole family
  • * Lots of tips on how to look after yourself so you can look after your children 
  • * Ways to fit holistic parenting tips around your working life as a mother
  • * Your children rewarding themselves and that being enough
  • * Tips for reducing your workload in the home,
  • * Inspiring your children and ensuring their success
  • * All solutions guaranteed to get you the results you want

Why Will These Parenting Tips Work for You?

You can choose what will work 

Move forward, develop your parenting in a way that you feel comfortable

You adapt the tips to suit you

These parenting tips will slot into any lifestyle

You can choose when things will work for you

There is no prescription of when things are done

You can look at achieving non-parenting goals

This help will allow you to start to think about life goals and your career

Meet Your Host

Sylvia Denham

My name is Sylvia Denham and I have been helping parents and children for over 20 years (not-forgetting my own 15-year-old twins). Those processes are timeless working for me, my parents and their children every time. This is what a parent has said - "...Thank you so much for your excellent advice, Sylvia, regarding help for my daughter who was struggling at school. I am now armed with simple and straight forward talking, I have a great plan!..."


Come and Join the Mini- for the start of a new Parenting Journey

These are the dates: 

* Sunday 21st March 2021 - 8pm - GMT

* Monday 22nd March 2021 - 8pm - GMT

* Tuesday 23rd March 2021 -1pm - GMT

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